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JYM  Jim Yager Media Show Reel

Take a look at our latest show reel. It highlights a variety of projects for some of our great clients, and a few of the very special people we’ve had the privilege to meet telling stories.

SF City Hall

JYM  People’s Palace Documentary

Our documentary film project, “The People’s Palace: San Francisco City Hall 100 Years” recently premiered inside San Francisco City Hall to rave reviews. The film highlights the history, architecture, and personal stories of City Hall over the past 100 years.

Water from the Wilderness

JYM  In Production

Our current documentary project is the story of San Francisco’s fabled water supply, the Hetch Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite National Park. We’ll trace the journey to bring pristine drinking water to 3 million Bay Area residents. Premieres on public television stations in early 2018.


Video production at JYM: a working partnership.

      • We’ll listen and then help you identify your goals and objectives.
      • We’ll outline the key messages that your story needs to communicate.
      • We’ll build a story that engages, educates, and motivates your audience.
      • We’ll deliver the final video elements to any screen or format.
      • We’ll archive all of your new digital assets for future projects.
      • We’ll have a great time working together because this is our passion.